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Veganism on Holiday – How to Make it Work

Veganism on Holiday

It’s easier then ever to live as a vegan in the UK. You always know where your next tub of hummus is coming from and there’s now almost an entire aisle of plant milks in the supermarkets. But what about when you’re on holiday? How do you stay vegan without going hungry when in strange and exotic lands. Here’s our top tips.


Learn some of the Lingo

Picture the scene. You’re fresh of the boat, tired and hungry. You stumble wearily into a shop and glance around for something familiar to eat with no luck. Hunger gnawing at the pit of your stomach you try to make sense of the ingredient list on a packet of crisps but can’t make head nor tail of it. Later, you try to make it clear to a waiter you’d like your coffee to come without milk. “With elk milk?!” He says amazed, looking at you like you’re some sort of barbarian.

Save yourself the trouble and learn just a few key words in a new language. Not only will this make veganism much easier, it shows a level of respect to your hosts that will help you unlock a far deeper experience whilst travelling



Don’t be Afraid to make your own Menu

It can sometime be pretty tough finding vegan friendly restaurants whilst abroad. Using your new found language skills, don’t be afraid to order custom dishes not featured on the menu. A favourite trick of ours is to head to pizzerias and have them pile all the available veggies onto a pizza without the cheese.


Veganism on Holiday


Lower your Expectations (and be Pleasantly Surprised)

There’s nothing worse then spending your holiday time frustrated and disappointed. Much better to plan for the worst and find your self pleasantly surprised when you find a gem. As an example, on a recent trip to Slovenia, we stumbled across a delicious 100% vegan restaurant in the most unlikely of places that served possibly the best vegan burger I’ve ever tasted.


Self Catering is a Vegans Best Friend

Whilst veganism surely is the future and our number grow stronger every day, we’re still unfortunately in the minority. Many places just aren’t set up to deal with our simple desire to only eat plants. Here, self catering is your friend. Book an airbnb or hostel with a kitchen and the simple pleasure of spending an afternoon lazily strolling through a provincial market selecting some delicious fruit and veg for dinner.


Vegan Holiday


Hashtags Help

It’s often said that we humans are hunter gatherers so head on over to Instagram and hunt down a delicious vegan dinner. A quick search for #Vegan(yourlocation) will lead you in the direction of some delicious off the map delights.


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Take Some Snacks

Travelling the world can be tough. Long flights and bus journeys, sun stroke and too much sangria can lead to unhappy campers. Along with your toothbrush and travel money, be sure to pack some of your favourite vegan snacks to boost morale when the going gets tough.



I hope this helps any intrepid vegan travelers out there. Safe travels!

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