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Top 5 Vegan Pad Thai Recipes

Top 5 Vegan Pad Thai Recipes

Inspired by this past weeks incredibly daring rescue of 12 young Thai football players and their coach, we’re celebrating one of Thailands most famous dishes – Pad Thai


Pad Thai is a dish of rice noodles thought to have been first introduced to Thailand by Chinese traders during the time of the Ayutthaya Kingdom. Its popular boomed in World War II when a shortage of rice caused the government of the time to promote rice noodles.


Pad Thai is a dish with many varieties so there is many opportunity for experimentation when creating vegan Pad Thai. Here are our Top 5 vegan Pad Thai recipes.

1. The Veg Space

Vegan Pad Thai


2. Veggie Desserts 

Vegan Pad Thai 3


3. Lazy Cat Kitchen

Vegan Pad Thai


4. From my Bowl

Vegan Pad Thai 4


5.Loving it Vegan


Vegan Pad Thai

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