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Thinking of Becoming Vegan?

Thinking of Becoming Vegan

Thinking of becoming a vegan? Congratulations! If you’re reading this page, chances are you’re taking your first steps towards veganism. We’ve racked our brains, chatted to friends and even delved into a bit of nutrition science to come up with our top five tips for becoming vegan.Steps to becoming vegan

Climbing the ladder of success

Remember your “why”

Change can be difficult. It’s often easier to stay the same, it feels safe, familiar and comfortable. Changing something so fundamental to your identity as the food you eat can at first seem a little overwhelming. Being clear in your reasons for turning vegan will be a huge help to any challenges you face along the way. Anytime you feel unsure or unable to make the change, just remember that by switching to a plant based diet you are helping to end wholesale cruelty to animals, the destruction of our environment and the gradual theft of your own health. In a few short weeks you will begin to feel more healthy and energetic. Each meal becomes a chance to reaffirm your hope for a kinder and more compassionate world and every day you will feel proud to be part of the movement making that future a reality.


Go at the rate you can go

Have you ever eaten an avocado which isn’t quite ready? So it is with change. Some people will decide to become a vegan and do so over night, that’s great. For others the journey takes a little longer, that’s great too. Go at the rate you can go, any reduction in your intake of meat and dairy is a step in the right direction. A slow and lasting change is far better then one which is sudden and short lived. It might help to eat vegan meals one extra day a week or change one food at a time. Remember, this is your choice and your journey.

Go at the rate you can go when becoming vegan

Stay healthy

You can’t pour from an empty cup. No matter how passionate you are about changing the world, if you don’t take care of your own health, you won’t get very far. Don’t get us wrong, we love a Linda Mac pie and chips as much as the next person, but failing to get your nutrients and adding to the wider misconception of veganism being an unhealthy choice does little to help the cause. Check out the Vegan Societies awesome page on nutrition and health for a full run down on how to stay in tip top shape.

Enjoy discovering new foods

Every challenge has an opportunity waiting on the other side of it. After removing animal products from your diet you will create space to discover a whole world of fantastic food choices. Tofu, tempah, quinoa and kale, the list of amazing vegan options is growing every day. Vegan restaurants and market stalls are popping up all over the country so head on down and….

Get involved

It can be tough being the only vegan in the village, fortunately there is an ever growing vegan community to get involved with. The Vegan Society is an amazing place to begin to find nearby events or you can check out all the amazing vegan bloggers and vloggers on the web. Individually we have very little power, but together, we can change the world!

Peace, Love and Chocolate


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