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Chocolate is a truly amazing superfood. Called “food of the gods” by the ancient Aztec, chocolate contains the highest number of anti-oxidants of any food. We’ve selected all of the most health given bars on our store and put them into one brain boosting, heart helping selection box.

Enjoy Chocolate's Superfood Goodness!
Gemini Coco Vegan Milk Chocolate
1 × Gemini - Coco - 90g
iQ Orange Vegan Dark Chocolate
iQ YogiQ Vegan Dark Chocolate with Ginger and Ginseng
1 × IQ - YogiQ Ginger and Ginseng - 35g
Ombar Goji Berry Vegan Chocolate with Goji Berries
Ombar Strawberry Mylk Vegan Chocolate Bar

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