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Chocolate Tasting Tips

Chocolate Tasting Tips

We’re pretty proud of the chocolate we sell. It’s all 100% vegan, organic and of course, completely delicious.

Sure sometimes we like to scoff the whole bar in one go, but when we’re eating something really special from a craft maker like Gemini or Solkiki we really like to take our time to savour the moment. It takes our chocolate makers thousands of hours of dedication to their craft to extract as much flavour as possible from the humble cacao bean.

Here’s our 4 step guide for ultimate chocolate satisfaction.

1. Prepare Yourself

Mother Nature takes 4-5 months to grow cacao beans so you should also take your time. Go somewhere away from distractions, switch off your phone and dim the lights. Turn on your senses and enjoy the anticipation.


2. Use your Nose

Flavour is driven primarily by smell so be sure to use your nose. Unwrap the bar and resist the temptation to dive straight in. Enjoy the sound as you snap off a piece of chocolate. Warm it just a little by rubbing it between your forefinger and thumb, close your eyes and let the smell transport you, imagine this beautiful bean growing under the warm sun of faraway lands.


3. Savour the Moment

The time has come and your patience is rewarded. Place the chocolate on your tongue but don’t chew! Allow the chocolate time to slowly melt and as it does different flavours will be revealed. Be bold in expressing yourself, there are no wrong answers here.



The one thing better than tucking into a delicious bar of chocolate is sharing it with a friend. Spread the good news and show off your knowledge of just how good hand crafted, organic vegan chocolate can be!



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