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5 Brilliant And Brainy Vegan Holiday Books

Vegan Books

There’s nothing better then kicking back poolside with a great read. Books are incredible, they can shape the way we think and have the power to change our world. Here are 5 Brilliant And Brainy Vegan Holiday Books to read this summer

How not to Die

Written by Dr. Michael Greger, internationally recognized doctor and founder of NutritionFacts.Org. How not to Die examines the 15 leading causes of death in the U.S and how they can be prevented with a whole food vegan diet. How not to Die also included Dr Greger’s daily dozen, a list of 12 health boosting plant foods we should aim to consume every day.


How Not to Die




Change of Heart: What Psychology can Teach us About Spreading Social Change

All vegans are passionate about the vegan movement and want to spread awareness of the cause, but are our actions effective? In this must read book for activists, Nick Cooney, director of Mercy for Animals gives a complete rundown of the psychological factors that can help or hinder social advocacy. Nick draws on his knowledge of psychology to help explain why people do what they do and how people can be persuaded to change.


Change of Heart



Finding Ultra

Rich Roll is perhaps the worlds fittest man but this hasn’t always been the case. Rich’s early years were blighted by drugs and alcohol until his life spun out of control and he wound up in rehab at 31. On the eve of his 40th birthday, Rich was so unfit he was defeated by the simple act of climbing a flight of stairs. The next day, Rich decided he had to change. He put on his running shoes, and became a dedicated vegan. Only two years later, Rich took part in a 320 mile ultra triathlon. He surprised the endurance racing world not only by  becoming the first vegan to complete the event and in doing so smashing myths about a vegan diet, but also by finishing in the top 100 males. This book charts Rich’s incredible transformation and inspires us by showing that with a change in mindset and dedication, anything is possible.


Finding Ultra


How to Create a Vegan World: A Pragmatic Approach

Inspired by author Tobias Leenaerts nearly 20 years of animal advocacy, this book takes a fresh look at the strategies of the animal rights movement. Tobias describes the need for friendly activism and vegan communication to advance animal rights. This is not based from off a fear of offending people or from compromise, selling out or betraying animal rights. Instead, Tobias argues that friendly and pragmatic animal advocacy can diminish animal suffering in the fastest possible way.


Vegan World


Linus – The Vegetarian T-Rex

Perfect for any young vegans, or even older ones who are really looking to put their feet up and relax! This beautiful book by Robert Neubecker introduces us to Linus, a friendly T-Rex who says no to meat and yes to veg!


Linus - The Vegetarian T. Rex

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