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The superstars of our store.  These are the bars that keep the Vegan Chocolate Shop team working through the night

Want to know a bit more about us and how we came to run a shop packed to the brim with divine dairy free chocolate?

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Vegan Food Choices for Healthy Glowing Skin

Living a vegan life is fantastic. It reduces animal cruelty, environmental damage and can benefit your health. Unfortunately some find that their skin  becomes dry, dull and difficult to manage. Don’t panic as it can be normal for your skin to react this way when adopting a vegan diet.   Sometimes, this can be a…

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10 Lush Vegan Lasagne Recipes

With winter fast approaching, it’s time to say goodbye to the skimpy salads and hello to some deliciously indulgent comfort food. For us, there’s not much better then a rich and creamy lasagna. Perfect fresh and hot out of the oven or even cold out the fridge for breakfast the next day, (don’t judge us!)…

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Vitamin D for Vegans – Everything you Need to Know

Vitamin D for Vegans

With the end of summer fast approaching we get ready to say goodbye to the sun until next year. With this happening, its worth having a think about our levels of vitamin D.   What is Vitamin D? Vitamin D is confusingly not a vitamin! It’s actually a hormone which is created within the body.…

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