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10 Lush Vegan Lasagne Recipes

With winter fast approaching, it’s time to say goodbye to the skimpy salads and hello to some deliciously indulgent comfort food. For us, there’s not much better then a rich and creamy lasagna. Perfect fresh and hot out of the oven or even cold out the fridge for breakfast the next day, (don’t judge us!) a good lasagna can me mightily moreish and ever so addictive. In preparation for our lunch, we’ve trawled the internet for the 10 best vegan lasagna recipes – Enjoy!



Yup it’s Vegan




The Veg Space

Vegan Lasagne




Cilantro and Citronella








Avante Garde Vegan




Made by Luci




Loving it Vegan




Nora Cooks

Vegan Lasagna



Lazy Cat Kitchen




Vegan Lasagna

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