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The UK's Best Selection of Vegan Chocolates. Shop our Range of 100% Organic and Dairy Free Chocolate.

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Looking for vegan chocolate? You've come to the right place! We're incredibly proud to stock the UKs best selection of chocolate suitable for vegans. Our super  low cost £1.79 letterbox delivery means there's nothing standing between you and your favourite dairy free chocolate!

100% Vegan

A Vegan owned and run business all of our chocolate is 100% vegan. Our mission is to make it easier for those who are already vegan and to remove an excuse for those who aren't!


Always Organic

For us, living a vegan life has introduced us to a broader concern for the health of our planet. All of our vegan chocolate bars are completely organic. Better for you, better for the environment and much better tasting.


Low cost Letterbox Delivery

Our letter box sized packing means there's no chance of you missing a delivery. It also lets us keep our P&P to just £1.79!


Shop our range of deliciously smooth and creamy vegan white chocolate.

The milk chocolate flavour you know and love, without the milk!

These bars are for the purists. Deliciously decadent vegan dark chocolate

Our Vegan Chocolate Selections make the perfect vegan gift for friends, family, or even yourself!

The superstars of our store.  These are the bars that keep the Vegan Chocolate Shop team working through the night

Want to know a bit more about us and how we came to run a shop packed to the brim with divine dairy free chocolate?

Best Selling Vegan Chocolate Bars

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